Hampton Beach Water Temperature

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Hampton Beach is a beach resort located in the town of Hampton, in the state of New Hampshire. The beach is along the Atlantic Coast, and is about 15 miles from Portsmouth. It is a popular tourist destination and many people from the United States and Canada come here to enjoy the cold waters of the Atlantic and spend time strolling along the Ocean Boulevard, which is the main street adjacent to the beach and is renowned for its shops, boardwalk, hotels and bed and breakfasts.

In 2011, due to high water quality of the beach, the Hampton Beach was one of the four Superstar beaches in the country. Besides spending time enjoying the sandy beach and its fresh, clean waters, you should also make it a point to visit the New Hampshire Marine Memorial, which is located on the Hampton Beach; the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom; the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival, which is hosted on the weekend after Labor Day; and the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Competition, which is held every year since 2001 in mid-June. The beach also hosts a firework display every Wednesday at 9.30 pm and on the 4th of July.


Recent water temperature for Hampton Beach is: 38°F

If you are looking to get away from your daily routine, spending time at the Hampton Beach will refresh and revive you. Typically Hampton Beach water temperature is the coldest in March, with the temperature ranging from 36 degrees to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer, the temperature is relatively warmer, with August being the warmest.

14 Days Weather Forecast for Hampton Beach

26. Mar.
rain risk 100%

↓ 36 / ↑ 53 °F
27. Mar.
rain risk 100%

↓ 30 / ↑ 44 °F
28. Mar.
rain risk 99%

↓ 21 / ↑ 38 °F
29. Mar.
rain risk 71%

↓ 26 / ↑ 42 °F
30. Mar.
rain risk 99%

↓ 34 / ↑ 46 °F
31. Mar.
rain risk 48%

↓ 30 / ↑ 46 °F
1. Apr.
rain risk 58%

↓ 33 / ↑ 46 °F
2. Apr.
rain risk 80%

↓ 34 / ↑ 46 °F
3. Apr.
rain risk 91%

↓ 33 / ↑ 49 °F
4. Apr.
rain risk 67%

↓ 28 / ↑ 45 °F
5. Apr.
rain risk 10%

↓ 26 / ↑ 35 °F
6. Apr.
rain risk 0%

↓ 24 / ↑ 32 °F
7. Apr.
rain risk 10%

↓ 22 / ↑ 35 °F
8. Apr.
rain risk 10%

↓ 25 / ↑ 32 °F

During this month, the water temperature ranges from 64 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are worried about Hampton Beach water temperature, you will be amazed to hear that people have no qualms about getting into the cold water wearing a neoprene full body wetsuit along with gloves, booties and hood to protect them. The best time to visit this beach is in summer when the water temperature is relatively less cold, but you will find people using the beach for surfing from March.

Climate of Hampton Beach

High. Temperature in °F (°C)34
ø Temperature in °F (°C)24
Low. Temperature in °F (°C)15
Days with rain (d)151215161817171615161614
Preciption (inches)2.923.13.714.384.133.484.724.716.125.484.373.77

Database: 2009-2013

Do not let Hampton Beach water temperature put you off from spending a delightful and memorable vacation here. You will enjoy the laid back ambience and quirkiness of the beach and its surroundings.

How to reach Hampton Beach

Reaching the Hampton Beach to enjoy its ambience and bustling life is easy, as it can be accessed by road. Route 95 from the North and South leads to Hampton Beach; you can even take a shuttle from Boston or Portsmouth.

If you are coming in my plane, you should ensure your flight lands at Manchester Airport of New Hampshire. From there, the beach just a 50-minute drive.

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