Water Temperatures

Hawaii Water Temperatures

Hawaii is the latest addition to fifty states of the U.S. and it comprises only of islands. This is Polynesia’s northernmost group of island and sits comfortably in the central Pacific Ocean. The fresh, floral air of Hawaii energizes visitors and the warm, serene waters refresh them. These six unique islands offer distinct experiences to entice all travelers.

A very popular destination for tourist, biologists, surfers, scientists, Hawaii offers varied natural panorama, warm tropical climate, numerous beaches, volcanoes and the stunning oceanfront. The region has both Asian and North American influences combined with its indigenous lively culture.

Honolulu on the island of Oʻahu is the capital of Hawaii.

Best time to visit Hawaii

Most favorable time to visit Hawaii is during summer from May through October as there is little rainfall. If planning to visit between December and March, it is best to select a dry area if sunshine is an important consideration.

Majority of the regions are just separated by an hour drive. Hawaii water temperatures are maximum at around 82 to 84°F in the end of August and lowest in the beginning of March at 74°F.

Water temperature may drop by about 10-15 degrees during the night. With warm water temperatures all through the year board shorts and a rash vest are typically good for surfing at any time.