Batemans Bay Water Temperature

Batemans Bay in New South Wales, Australia is the closest beach to Canberra, the Australian capital and lies at the mouth of the Clyde River where it flows into the Tasman Sea. Visitors come from far … [read more]

Water Temperature Greece

Greece enjoys an exceptional location, and the country is sometimes known as the 'crossroads of Europe' thanks to its proximity to mainland Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and the western regions of … [read more]

Tenerife Water Temperature

Gorgeous Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is situated off the south west coast of Spain. Tenerife is not only a beautiful island but in contrast it also boasts one of the largest … [read more]

Mallorca Water Temperature

Mallorca is the largest of Spain's beautiful Balearic islands, and it is easy to reach thanks to numerous flights from all over the UK and mainland Europe to Palma Airport. Mallorca has something for … [read more]

Dubai Emirates Water Temperature

Dubai is considered one of the biggest economic hubs of the world. If you love to shop till you drop then this is the most ideal location to visit. The Dubai Museum will allow you to get a feel for … [read more]

Hawaii Water Temperature

Hawaii is the latest addition to fifty states of the U.S. and it comprises only of islands. This is Polynesia's northernmost group of island and sits comfortably in the central Pacific Ocean. The … [read more]

Sharm el-Sheikh water temperature

Sharm el-Sheikh, situated at the south of the Sinai peninsula, in the eastern part of Egypt, is most-renowned for its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. Located on the coast of the Red Sea, it … [read more]

Hurghada Water Temperature

The Red Sea coast resort of Hurghada in Egypt boast fabulous beaches with plenty of water sports, and a vibrant cosmopolitan entertainment scene.  The city of the third biggest on the Red Sea coast … [read more]

Water Temperature Boston

The city of Boston, Massachussetts is the largest in the New England region of the US. Known for the famous tea party of 1773, an event that began the War of Independence, Boston is a treasure trove … [read more]

Barcelona Water Temperature

Spain's second largest city and the capital of the Catalunya region, Barcelona is a favourite destination for visitors. The influence of art and architecture on the city is legendary and Picasso, … [read more]

Red Sea Water Temperature

The Red Sea, located between Africa and Asia, is known for its warm water, great climate all year long and amazing diving conditions. While there are eight countries bordering the Red Sea, most of its … [read more]

Charleston SC water temperature

Romantic Charleston in South Carolina is the oldest city in the US state and one of the most beautiful. Charleston lies on the Atlantic coast on a peninsula created by the paths of the Cooper River … [read more]

Water Temperature Long Island

When you're contemplating the waves as they crash on to the shore it can be difficult to remember that Long Island is a part of New York city. This exciting island is a favourite with surfers and … [read more]

Water Temperature Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the most prominent city on the Californian coast of the USA, and a favourite destination for visitors.  Whether you're looking for nightlife and entertainment and all the glamour of … [read more]

Sydney Water Temperature

Sydney is the oldest of Australia's cities and is the most exciting. The attractions in and around Sydney are recognised the world over. Sydney Harbour Bridge offers the chance to climb to the top … [read more]

Bondi Beach Water Temperature

Bondi beach is the most popular beach of Sydney, Australia, surrounded by Southern Suburbs. On 9 June 1882, it was finally opened to the public. It is 1 km. long and located 7 km. east of the Sydney … [read more]

Water Temperature Nassau

Nassau is the capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and this sunny, former British colony is one of the most interesting places to visit in the Caribbean. The city is located on New Providence, … [read more]

Galveston Water Temperature

Galveston is home to some of the largest and most historically valued buildings in the United States. Their buildings, have stood the test of time, literally, over the past few decades. You will find … [read more]

Gold Coast Water Temperature

Located to the south Eastern side of Queensland, Gold Coast is one of the most populous cities in Australia. Owing to its great subtropical climate and brilliant beaches, it is one of the areas most … [read more]

Cyprus Water Temperature

Cyprus is known as 'the island of love' and it is said that this sunny, Mediterranean gem is where the goddess Aphrodite came to shore. In fact, you can even visit 'Aphrodite's Rock' in the Greek … [read more]

San Clemente Water temperature

San Clemente with its gorgeous beach and picturesque pier is one of the prettiest coastal towns in Orange County, California. The resort is a favourite for those who enjoy relaxing beach based breaks … [read more]

Port Philip Bay Water Temperature

Port Philip Bay lies at the southern end of Melbourne, Victoria - Australia's second largest city. Overseas visitors can fly into Melbourne international airport and then travel into the city down the … [read more]

Cairns Queensland Water Temperature

Cairns town is situated in beautiful far North of Queensland and is an amazing destination for your holiday. This Northern area of the country has been known for its World Heritage secure Rainforests, … [read more]

Fort Lauderdale Water Temperature

Fort Lauderdale in Florida enjoys a picturesque setting on the Atlantic coast, and is known for its extensive canal network which gives it the nickname, the 'Venice of America'.  The city is a … [read more]

Florida Water Temperature

With a long coastline, Florida is eminently suitable for people who love water, beaches and water sports. Apart from that, Florida has a temperate coastal climate that is conducive to wearing your … [read more]