Smith Mountain Lake Water Temperature

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Smith mountain lake water temperature is an impoundment more commonly referred to, as a reservoir that is situated peacefully amidst the picturesque Roanoke-region-of-Virginia and is popularly called the “Jewel of the Blue Ridge”. Roanoke region surrounds the beautiful city-of-Roanoke whose origin dates back to the early 17th century when tribes of Native Americans made the region surrounding the Roanoke River their place of dwelling and this is one of the reasons for the cultural and archaeological importance of the city.

The Smith mountain lake came into existence in 1963 via the impounding of the Roanoke-River by the Smith Mountain Dam and has been measured as a 40 mile long river whose major portion lies in the Franklin-County-while a minor opposite end lies within the Pittsylvania County.


Recent water temperature for Smith Mountain Lake is: 29°F

Owing to its recreational existence, the Smith mountain lake water temperature has become a popular destination for water skiing, watercraft riding, wakeboarding and fishing as well as canoeing so you can rest assures that irrespective of your hobby, you are sure to find yourself enjoying a weekend away from the hustle bustle of the city life.
Be sure to bring a camera to capture some of the most memorable moments out at the old mills or while cruising through the craft and antique shops and better yet you never know when you might discover the magic of the area by catching a glimpse of wild turkeys flutter, deer grazing or even the sight of the oldest poplar tree in the entire world!

14 Days Weather Forecast for Smith Mountain Lake

1. Mar.
rain risk 96%

↓ 32 / ↑ 35 °F
2. Mar.
rain risk 0%

↓ 22 / ↑ 46 °F
3. Mar.
rain risk 100%

↓ 37 / ↑ 39 °F
4. Mar.
rain risk 100%

↓ 34 / ↑ 55 °F
5. Mar.
rain risk 100%

↓ 13 / ↑ 35 °F
6. Mar.
rain risk 9%

↓ 23 / ↑ 36 °F
7. Mar.
rain risk 0%

↓ 29 / ↑ 47 °F
8. Mar.
rain risk 0%

↓ 30 / ↑ 43 °F
9. Mar.
rain risk 13%

↓ 34 / ↑ 55 °F
10. Mar.
rain risk 0%

↓ 26 / ↑ 44 °F
11. Mar.
rain risk 10%

↓ 24 / ↑ 43 °F
12. Mar.
rain risk 0%

↓ 27 / ↑ 44 °F
13. Mar.
rain risk 0%

↓ 31 / ↑ 44 °F
14. Mar.
rain risk 10%

↓ 36 / ↑ 47 °F

Climate of Smith Mountain Lake

High. Temperature in °F (°C)52
ø Temperature in °F (°C)41
Low. Temperature in °F (°C)30
Days with rain (d)141215151615171513111214
Preciption (inches)3.212.744.

Database: 2009-2013

Activities around Smith Mountain Lake

In case you are planning a trip to the spectacular and natural beauty of the Smith mountain lake water temperature, be sure to pack all that you need for the adventurous journey ahead! Among the various travelling options available for reaching your destination, travelling by road while driving through the meandering mountain roads with your loved ones could be all the relaxation you are looking for.

However, in case you are not a big road buff, arriving extravagantly via a private plane is an option that would best suit you. Owing to the comfortable weather, the peak seasons for vacationing include the months from June to August as the weather is appropriate for people of all age groups but do make sure to get your bookings well in advance!


Picture Copyright: Flickr CC 2.0 vastateparksstaff

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Smith Mountain Lake Water Temperature, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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