Table Rock Lake Water Temperature

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Is your family in need of an emergency vacation? Then Table Rock Lake is the perfect destination for you.

This fun filled paradise for nature lovers will have you coming back for more. Whether you enjoy canoeing, kayaking or swimming, there are more than enough aquatic activities to keep you entertained on your stay here. This destination has a rich history behind all its beauty and culture. The lake was established around the 1950’s and slowly but surely became one of the hottest tourist attractions in the Missouri area. It has since been considered a first class trout fishing lake.


Recent water temperature for Table Rock Lake is: 56°F

Table Rock Lake’s mild temperature all year round make it an ideal destination any time of the year. However if you want to catch a trophy bass, the best time to go would be in April, May and June. Some people enjoy summer months when the temperatures are between 85 – 90 degrees, while Others prefer the winter, when temperatures are between 42 – 47 degrees. You are free to go by car or train. Both modes of transport are quick and convenient.

14 Days Weather Forecast for Table Rock Lake

1. Feb.
rain risk 100%

↓ 21 / ↑ 48 °F
2. Feb.
rain risk 83%

↓ 26 / ↑ 39 °F
3. Feb.
rain risk 0%

↓ 31 / ↑ 54 °F
4. Feb.
rain risk 97%

↓ 28 / ↑ 46 °F
5. Feb.
rain risk 99%

↓ 22 / ↑ 35 °F
6. Feb.
rain risk 0%

↓ 35 / ↑ 46 °F
7. Feb.
rain risk 0%

↓ 38 / ↑ 51 °F
8. Feb.
rain risk 7%

↓ 37 / ↑ 61 °F
9. Feb.
rain risk 25%

↓ 33 / ↑ 53 °F
10. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 43 / ↑ 53 °F
11. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 32 / ↑ 40 °F
12. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 27 / ↑ 41 °F
13. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 26 / ↑ 55 °F
14. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 26 / ↑ 55 °F

You can expect Table Rock Lake water temperatures to be around 54 degrees in winter and it will gradually move up to 85 degrees during summer time. The latter temperature is more ideal for swimming and other water activities.

When the temperatures drop, you can always go on nature trails and experience the great outdoors and all that nature has to offer. There is a little something here for everyone.


Picture Copyright: Flickr CC 2.0 jeffweese

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Table Rock Lake Water Temperature, 3.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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