Destin Water Temperature

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Destin is a panoramic city in Florida that has silvery beaches, emerald green sparkly waters, and up scale resorts. Destin is popularly the luckiest fishing village in the world and is located beautifully on a peninsula that separates the Choctawhatchee Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. Destin is good for adventurous water sports as well as calm moments of fishing. There are harbours and marinas here where those who want to indulge in some quality fishing time can go. Destin is the destination for a great Florida Beach Vacation.


Recent water temperature for Destin Florida is: 60°F

For the most exciting and completely activity filled experience in Destin, you must visit during April and May. During this time the Florida beaches are brimming with sunshine, warmth, and snug early summers. The Destin Water Temperature is around seventy and the waves are gentle are mostly gentle. The hotel rates are also affordable and lower than other times. You can reach Destin by both car and plane depending on where you are coming from. You can get around town by public transit and the shuttle services.

14 Days Weather Forecast for Destin

26. Jan.
rain risk 2%

↓ 47 / ↑ 55 °F
27. Jan.
rain risk 0%

↓ 40 / ↑ 62 °F
28. Jan.
rain risk 0%

↓ 49 / ↑ 56 °F
29. Jan.
rain risk 0%

↓ 53 / ↑ 65 °F
30. Jan.
rain risk 24%

↓ 49 / ↑ 63 °F
31. Jan.
rain risk 0%

↓ 53 / ↑ 62 °F
1. Feb.
rain risk 94%

↓ 46 / ↑ 64 °F
2. Feb.
rain risk 51%

↓ 39 / ↑ 53 °F
3. Feb.
rain risk 7%

↓ 46 / ↑ 53 °F
4. Feb.
rain risk 100%

↓ 47 / ↑ 56 °F
5. Feb.
rain risk 100%

↓ 56 / ↑ 74 °F
6. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 45 / ↑ 54 °F
7. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 45 / ↑ 52 °F
8. Feb.
rain risk 0%

↓ 38 / ↑ 44 °F


Activities around Destin

The sugary white beaches and the turquoise glowing water set the perfect location for family and friends holidays, as well as honeymoons and romantic getaways. Here you can go boating and enjoy the breeze and water, para sail into an airy realm, take snorkelling and surfing lessons, visit Crab and Shell islands, and rent jet skis and kayaks among many other things.

Picture Copyright: Flickr CC 2.0 David Reber’s Hammer Photography

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