Maui Hawaii Water Temperature

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The water temperature in Maui is always perfect for a swim.This Hawaiian island
is the ultimate destination for all ocean lovers. Set in the Pacific, Maui is surrounded by a silver sea. Marquesas islanders and Tahitians reached Maui by canoe and settlement dates back to AD500. Located 2500 miles from the nearest continent this Hawaiian island has a character of its own. The lifestyle is laid-back. The sea and the golden beaches that wrap Maui are intrinsic to the lives of locals and visitors. Maui has world-class surfing beaches and each shore has a different temperature. Share the surf with sea turtles, this is the place to be a water-baby.


Recent water temperature for Maui is: 75°F

The high season in Maui is from mid-December to mid-April. Hotel rates are higher at this time. Rates also peak at Christmas and New Year. For a less expensive and quieter holiday avoid these busy times.

Flights from the mainland to Maui often involve one stop-over. However, there are direct flights from main American cities. Once on the island there is a multitude of things to do. There are horse trails and tracks to walk. Try hiring a bike and meandering along the cycle lanes.

Climate for Maui

Average high °F Average low °F Daily mean °F Avg. Rainy days Avg. Sunny hours
January 79,9 63,7 71,8 8,1 7
February 80,1 63,3 71,8 6,4 7,5
March 81,1 64,6 73 7,2 7,7
April 82,2 66 74,1 6,2 7,9
May 84,2 66,9 75,7 3 8,9
June 85,8 69,1 77,5 1,5 9,7
July 86,7 70,5 78,6 2,6 9,5
August 87,6 70,9 79,3 2,8 9,2
September 87,6 69,8 78,8 2,3 9
October 86,4 69,3 77,9 4,2 8
November 83,7 67,6 75,7 6,5 7,1
December 81,1 65,1 73 7,8 6,9

14 Days Weather Forecast for Maui

29. Jan.
rain risk 37%

↓ 65 / ↑ 79 °F
30. Jan.
rain risk 100%

↓ 66 / ↑ 79 °F
31. Jan.
rain risk 100%

↓ 66 / ↑ 77 °F
1. Feb.
rain risk 100%

↓ 66 / ↑ 78 °F
2. Feb.
rain risk 100%

↓ 66 / ↑ 78 °F
3. Feb.
rain risk 100%

↓ 68 / ↑ 80 °F
4. Feb.
rain risk 92%

↓ 68 / ↑ 79 °F
5. Feb.
rain risk 100%

↓ 66 / ↑ 76 °F
6. Feb.
rain risk 100%

↓ 65 / ↑ 75 °F
7. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 65 / ↑ 73 °F
8. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 69 / ↑ 74 °F
9. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 70 / ↑ 75 °F
10. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 71 / ↑ 74 °F
11. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 71 / ↑ 77 °F


Driving around Maui’s up-and-down roads can be fun. There is lots to see on dramatic drives, jungles, steep cliffs, waterfalls and there is always a place to stop and test the water. A Hawaiian feast, a Luau, is a must-do. Savour imu-cooked pig, fresh fish, abundant salads and afterwards dance the hula under the stars.

Picture Copyright:  Sunsplash Flickr CC 2.0

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Maui Hawaii Water Temperature, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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