West Palm Beach Water Temperature

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West Palm Beach is South Florida’s oldest municipality, having been incorporated as a city 2 years prior to Miami. The epitome of luxurious elegance, West Palm Beach has been the playground of the rich and the beautiful for over 50 years, and magical sights like the Centennial Fountain and Clematis Street, plus the exceptional beaches make it a thrilling destination today.


Recent water temperature for West Palm Beach is: 72°F

Water temperatures rise from about 70F in March to about 87F in August, and by May the water is as warm as a heated swimming pool making it ideal for swimming, sailing and the exceptional scuba diving for which the area is known. The lowest water temperatures of around 69F in January are still perfect for the world class fishing around Boynton Beach Lake.


Climate for West palm beach

Average high °F Average low °F Daily mean °F Avg. Rainy days
January 74,5 55,8 65,1 6
February 75,9 56,5 66,2 6
March 78,8 61,2 70 5,9
April 82 64,8 73,4 4,6
May 85,6 69,6 77,5 9,4
June 88,2 73 80,6 12,5
July 90 74,5 82,2 12,4
August 90 75 82,6 13,4
September 88,5 74,7 81,7 14,5
October 84,9 70,7 77,7 10,3
November 80,1 64,6 72,3 7,4
December 75,9 58,6 67,5 5,9

14 Days Weather Forecast for West Palm Beach in Florida

26. Jan.
rain risk 86%

↓ 52 / ↑ 72 °F
27. Jan.
rain risk 0%

↓ 53 / ↑ 69 °F
28. Jan.
rain risk 10%

↓ 54 / ↑ 66 °F
29. Jan.
rain risk 67%

↓ 61 / ↑ 69 °F
30. Jan.
rain risk 0%

↓ 65 / ↑ 74 °F
31. Jan.
rain risk 53%

↓ 68 / ↑ 75 °F
1. Feb.
rain risk 53%

↓ 66 / ↑ 74 °F
2. Feb.
rain risk 50%

↓ 65 / ↑ 81 °F
3. Feb.
rain risk 0%

↓ 64 / ↑ 74 °F
4. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 66 / ↑ 73 °F
5. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 70 / ↑ 73 °F
6. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 71 / ↑ 75 °F
7. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 70 / ↑ 75 °F
8. Feb.
rain risk 10%

↓ 70 / ↑ 73 °F


Best time to visit West Palm Beach

Just 13.7 miles from North Palm Beach County Airport, and 23.2 miles from Boca Raton airport, it’s easy to reach West Palm Beach from anywhere in the world.

The wonderful climate sees warm sunny days and temperatures from 75 to 85 throughout the year so any time is ideal to visit. Wet season from May to October has higher humidity and coincides with the official hurricane season, though this doesn’t mean that hurricanes occur every year or even frequently. Dry season is November to April, but West Palm Beach enjoys consistently good conditions at all times of year.


Sightseeing in West Palm Beach

Be sure to visit Clematis Street to experience the exciting West Palm Beach nightlife scene, or visit the green market on the waterfront. The beautiful beaches are a huge attraction, and South Florida Science Museum or Palm Beach Zoo are perfect for days out with the family.


Picture Copyright Flickr CC 2.0 eoringel

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